10 Creative Upcycling Ideas to Reduce Waste in 2020

upcycling ideas


If you have an eye for craftsmanship and found yourself wanting to make a change in the environment, look no further. Here you can find 10 creative upcycling ideas to reduce waste in 2020.

Have you taken a look around your house and wondered, “Where did all this junk come from?” If you have, you’re not alone. Instead of throwing it in the dumpster and creating more waste, many have come up with ways to level-up their junk and turn into something new and useful. This is called upcycling, and
it can be used anywhere from glass bottles to outdated furniture. This article is here to inspire 10 creative upcycling ideas to reduce waste in 2020.

1. Wine bottle caps into tea lights

What can possibly go better with a glass of wine than some candle light? If you have some wax to melt down and a little bit of wick, you can make the cutest tea lights out of your wine caps. This is one of the creative upcycling ideas that reduce waste and also sets an ambiance!

2. Tin can storage containers

This is a simple solution to a messy counter space. After making that delicious bowl of tomato soup, consider holding onto that can and giving it a makeover. With a little bit of cleaning and your choice of paint, it can be a custom toothbrush, pencil, etc. holder and keep your counters clutter-free.

3. Surfboard coat hanger

Does coastal living inspire your home decor? If so, you will love this surfboard coat hanger. Take an old surfboard, hot glue however many hooks you feel necessary, and mount it on your wall. You’re left with a coat hanger that gives off good vibrations all year-round.

4. Milk carton bird feeder

If you’re interested in upcycling ideas that reduce waste, chances are you care about nature. This craft is simple, all you do is cut the side of a used milk carton (clean it of course), paint it however you’d like, place some bird feed in, and hang it! It’s an easy way to reduce waste while giving back to the environment.

5. Guitar bookshelf

If you happen to have an old guitar laying around and some time on your hands, you can make it into a statement piece that expresses your love of music. You start by disassembling the front of the guitar and adding shelving throughout the center. Add your own personal flare with some paint and you have yourself an inspiring custom bookshelf.

6. Wine bottle vase

This idea can be seen all over the internet, most likely because it's one of the creative upcycling ideas that reduces waste and gives off rustic, romantic vibes. Take your old wine bottle, remove the label, and place a lovely floral arrangement inside. Scatter a few of these throughout your house and you’ll fall in love!

7. Pallet bedframe

If by chance you have a few old wooden pallets laying around your garage, you can surely make the coolest bed frame out of them. Whether you decide to paint it or leave the wood bare, it's an in-style, chic way to transform your bedroom.

8. Skateboard coffee table

Bring the edgy skateboarding culture into your home by making a side table out of an old weathered skate deck. Take an old skateboard, some plywood, and with a little craftsmanship, you can transform a useless skate deck into a piece of radical furniture.

9. Coffee creamer food dispensers

If you enjoy a sweet cup of coffee in the morning, it's likely you have to toss out your old Coffee-Mate bottles when they’re through. Why not put those pour-friendly bottles to use? A creative upcycling idea to reduce waste is using it as storage for pourable ingredients such as flour or sugar. All you need to do is clean and remove the label so you can see which ingredient is which.

10. Brick Planter

A cute way to bring an old brick some new life is by making it into a planter. Most bricks have divots or slots running along side of them that make a perfect pot to plant a seed in. It’s an eco-friendly way to put those old bricks to use!
The possibilities for what you can reuse and restore is virtually endless. It takes a good eye and some outside-of-the-box thinking, but coming up with creative upcycling ideas to reduce waste pays off in big ways. So next time you find yourself looking grudgingly at the junk around you, look with a new perspective and remember to upcycle!