Our Story

Oceans Dose is a clothing, prints and accessories online shop with a passionate about the ocean.

Our mission to help preserve the oceans for future generations. We’ve decided to make use of the power of social networks and our online community to help raise funds for international organization that focused and dedicated to restoring and protecting the world’s oceans.


As humans, we continue to harm our oceans with massive amounts of pollution each year. The first step we should take is to simply spread the cause. People need to understand the effects of their actions and how we will all eventually suffer from the pollution.

We raise awareness about issues affecting our oceans and run this online shop of products featuring many marine animals whose habitat is under attack or printed apparel design about causes and effects of ocean pollution.
We also source our clothing from the best companies around, known for being both ethical and sustainable.

10% of all Oceans Dose net profits are donated toward keeping our oceans clean in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species.


Our partners over at Coralive.org are a non-profit organization, focused on the protection and restoration of our ocean's coral and marine resources.  Each month we makes a donation to Coralive in our collaborative goal to protect and reestablish our ocean's ecosystem. 


We partner with Sea Shepherd, which is an international non-profit organization dedicated to marine research, conservation, and ultimately awareness for change. Their versatile team is using creativity, leading edge technology and powerful partnerships to accelerate their movement. Each month, we makes a donation to The Sea Shepherd to help aid in their "disruptive" approach for change by shedding light and action on our ocean's issues. Right at the core.  Tell people what’s going on with the world’s oceans and what they can do to make a difference. Spread the word and join our movement.